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Charlene Beaney - Delivery Driver at KFF

Our fantastic KFF colleague Charlene Beeney was recently featured in the industry publication The Caterer, where she spoke about her career change from former Bowling Alley Assistant to Class 2 Delivery Driver, and how respected she feels as a woman working in a male dominated sector.

At Sysco Speciality Group we are focused on making sure every colleague can reach their full potential and are very proud to be supporting women like Charlene with a dedicated training programme to become a class 2 HGV driver. 

"KFF have supported me 100% in my quest to achieve Class 2 status… I thought I couldn’t do it and here I am driving a 3.5 tonne truck… leaving all the guys behind!"

Syed Abbas - Account Manager at Wild Harvest

I have been with Wild Harvest for over 2 and a half years. My role is to help and support my customers and drive business growth for them and us. I look after quite a diverse range from independent businesses to large corporate customers from sports hospitality, manufacturing and through to Michelin starred restaurants.

“Every day is different and fast paced. An environment I thrive in”

Sam Jones - Transport Shift Manager

I manage daily operations of the Fresh Direct transport department with the help of my amazing team of 72 drivers and administrators. We cover 24/7 operations to ensure we offer our customers great and reliable service.

Expect the Unexpected

Sarah Banks - Telesales Manager at M&J

I started with the business 21 years as a telesales advisor. I look after the telesales team at our Smethwick branch. I am obsessed with Instagram - nothing satisfies me more than getting M&J Seafood tagged in a post by a top chef or seeing the fish we have sold, cooked on ‘The Great British Menu’ TV show.

“I love the buzz of the sales office”

Lindsay Bennett - Driver for M&J

I have worked for M&J for over 14 years and helped out in many departments. In 2018 I became a multi temperature driver. The key to my success is the people I work with, it’s always felt like a really close knit community. I also have wonderful customers.

“Working with great people makes my job so rewarding”

Paulo Silva – Purchasing Supervisor for
Wild Harvest

I have worked for Sysco Speciality Group for over 5 years now. Currently I am based at Dagenham with the Wild Harvest team. I’m often asked by customers what my favourite product is, and I always say Merguez Sausages. One of the really interesting parts of my job is seeing the unusual and wonderful products arrive. I regularly come across things I haven’t seen before or I didn’t know were edible.

“It’s a very exciting environment to work in, and everyone is so friendly”

Cosmina Botan – Internal Accounts Manager for Wild Harvest

I work at our Dagenham site for Wild Harvest. I have been with the business for over 2 years now. You never get bored in the job, every day is different. I love promoting unusual ingredients and making them mainstream for our customers. It’s so difficult to choose a favourite product, as I love them all. But if I had to make a decision I would choose Perello Gordal Green Olives.

“All my customers are great people and the chefs are really easy going”

Tom Keating – Yard Manager for Fresh Direct

I’m relatively new to the business, I have been here for just over 18 Months. I look after both Fresh Direct and Wild Harvest. The people I interact with on a daily basis are great. I have a real bond with many of them and everybody gets along. There is a positive working culture and everybody helps each other out. My favourite product is Leon Waffle Fries, they are delicious!

“We are just one big family at work”

Charlie Shepherd – Stock Control Supervisor Fresh Direct

I have been with Sysco Speciality Group for 6 years now. I look after both Fresh Direct and Wild Harvest. If I had to choose just one of our amazing products I would go for Futura Mozzarella. All my colleagues are great to work with as well as being fun, supportive and helpful.

“The company and all my colleagues are flexible and understanding”

Neil McGrath – Service Delivery Manager

I have worked for the Group for 3 years now, I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. Most of my job involves supporting Wild Harvest customers at Dagenham. I couldn’t possibly choose a single favourite product, there’s such a wide variety from around the world. I thrive on building long term relationships with customers, interacting with them and providing an excellent service. It puts a smile on my face!

“I love the people, I love the customers and I love the products”